Meet the Midnight Mechanics.



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President - Angela Guzman

My name is Angela Guzman, I am a sophomore in high school and I became an official team member my freshman year. When I was younger I got to go to the San Diego FRC Regional 3 years in a row with my sister and the rest of The Midnight Mechanics which sparked my interest in robotics. I later joined FLL, became an FLL coach, and a team member because I became close to the team members and loved the atmosphere and ability to engage in different types of projects. Robotics has helped me grow as a person by expanding my leadership and teamwork abilities. I am so thankful to my second family for everything!


VP Tech - Hugh Tran

My name is Hugh Tran and I joined robotics when I was in 7th grade making me the youngest member to join. Now I am a junior and have been on the team for 4-5 years. I started out doing FLL and the exposure I had to engineering captured my attention which was why I joined robotics. I stayed because of the experience and friendly environment. I love being able to work with others to create a robot to compete with other teams. It is humbling to look at the finishing product and I know that i was apart of it. I love the feeling of accomplishment. After highschool I hope to attend a 4 year university and become a mechanical engineering or a filmmaker. Robotics has given me opportunity. The ability to learn something that can help change the world is amazing.

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VP Business - Luan Nguyen

Hello! My name is Luan Nguyen, a senior at the Preuss School UCSD. Robotics, the highlight of my junior year, entered my life during my freshman year, but became an anomaly towards making me the person I am today. The reason I took time out of my lazy week, instead of procrastinating, to enter the cramped biology classroom was due to my friends. My friends, who later chose to commit to another extracurricular activity, abandoned me in this world of wrenches and metal, and being the reason I attended Robotics in the first place, them leaving facilitated my lost interest in the activity. However, attending Robotics without my friends pushed me to step outside of my comfort zone, to do more than talk and drill holes. Therefore, afterwards I became immersed in the tech side, where I got to even work with other new Midnight Mechanics to build a prototype robot. I stayed, and, fastwording to junior year, I became more involved with the Outreach committee to finally become a Chairman’s Presenter. Now, as Vice President of Business, I am an integral part of the team’s development and, for analogies sake, I am the pilot of one of two planes (Business and Tech), which I will land safely at the 2018 San Diego FRC Regional. Though with a lot of turbulence as we fly towards our destination, as a family, we will finally arrive as we change the world on the way.


Media - Amy Tang

My name is Amy Tang, and I am a Junior Mechanic. I joined Robotics in my freshman year of highschool because my parents always wanted me to go into an engineering job. I thought that being in Robotics would make my parents happy whether or not if I truly was interested in being in a STEM career. The more I stayed after school for Robotics, the more I understood the appeal of engineering and outreach. My favorite part of Robotics is the family environment between team members and mentors. I love volunteering and spreading my passion to others. Being able to have the capability to make a difference and influence my community is the best feeling in the world.

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Outreach - Adelia Gonzalez

My name is Adelia Gonzalez, I am a Senior and I have been a Midnight Mechanic since I was a Freshman. I joined Robotics because I wanted to experience being part of a team and the Midnight Mechanics has been the perfect place for me to get that feel. I enjoy being on a team where I can help build the robot and plan events for our team to engage with our community and spread STEAM and the mission of FIRST to the youth. Robotics has taught me how to be a leader and has encouraged me to continue to step out of my comfort zone. My favorite thing about the Midnight Mechanics is how passionate and dedicated we are to FIRST and STEAM.


Secretary - Ricardo Suarez

Hello my name is Ricardo Suarez and I am a Senior Mechanic. The first time I went to a robotics meeting was in my freshman year. What really grabbed my attention was the friendly competition of FIRST and designing the robot. I stayed in robotics to learn more about the robot and help build my interest of engineering. But as I stayed not only did I learn more about the tech side of team, I also learned the importance of FIRST and robotics became more than an afterschool program. It became a second family and I understood what it felt like to have the feeling of being welcomed.

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Finance - Sean Pipatkhajonchai

My name is Sean Pipatkhajonchai and I am a Senior Mechanic. I joined the Midnight Mechanics in my freshman year of high school. I was initially hesitant to go to my first meeting but what I found after going changed my mind. The feeling of family and togetherness that the Midnight Mechanics had was something that immediately drew me in and has kept me here for the past four years. The work that we do for our community and what we have achieved makes me proud to say that I am a Midnight Mechanic.


Business Committee

The Business Committee takes part in organizing the annual FLL tournament which involves contacting volunteers and assigning tasks. During season, the Business Committee works on Chairman’s Essay, Video, and Woodie Flowers.  



Adelia Gomez

Angela Le

Arturo Torres

Carissa Ly


Isabella Fuller

Oscar Liao

Quynh Vo

Salvador Gomez


Tech Team

The Tech team work on planning, designing, and constructing the robot during build season. With the help from mentors, they work together to build a robot within the six week period. Within the Tech Team there is are sub communities: Programming Team and Scouting. 



Bryan Fernandez

Cindy Lam

Connie Wong

Davis La

Diana Martinez

Emmanuel Millan


Jackie Le

Jason Nguyen

Jonathan Ramirez

Jonathan Ventura

Kevin Nguyen

Kevin Vo


Khanh Nguyen

Quang Vo

Richard Montalvo

Sharon Li

Sue Ha

Tin Nguyen


Media Crew

The Media Crew is in charge of the team’s image through the publication of monthly newsletters and marketing materials such as fan shirts. Along with the team's branding, they also take pictures and record videos of team events. They also update social media by sending regular updates of the team. In addition, they are also responsible for maintaining the team website and social media, developing the team image through mediums like design and merchandise.




Bao Tran

Belinda Neri

Brenda Montiel

Carlos Bahena

Cristina Madrigal

Dammie Delke



Dennis Vo

Erick Ramos

Isabella Fuller

Jimmy Tran

Jonathan Ventura

Josue Barragan



Juan Garcia

Kimberly Santiago

Lucia Catano

Nicholas Do

Rabio Abdi