Our Officers



Heyyyy. My name is Hugh Tran and I am a senior in high school. Since I started in 7th grade as a mini midnight mechanic, I have been apart of FRC for 6 years. I joined robotics in 7th grade because of my love and passion for creating robots. I found it hard to believe that I could spend my after school hours building a robot that I could later drive. As president, I over all of the committees of the club, but my forte is designing and building. I enjoy bringing our team sketches and ideas to reality. I continue to be apart of this team year after year because of how competitive, enjoyable, and addictive the club is. When I am working on the robot I am having fun and I forget that I am also learning at the same time. The challenges that FIRST provides for me and other high school students help build skills that we could later use in college and ultimately, in life. Aside from robotics, I really enjoy creating films. Every aspect of filmmaking poses its own challenges and I love tackling every side of it; from directing to editing.


vp tech

Hello my name is Connie Wong and I am the co-VP Tech of the Midnight Mechanics. I am in 10th grade and I have been on team 812 since my freshman year. I joined robotics because I wanted to explore future career paths and because my friends said it was fun and I wanted to try it out. And of course, it was a great decision. Before joining robotics I had barely any knowledge about the topic. While being on the team, I have developed useful skills illustrated in that sense that I am now able to build almost any furniture my family buys. As an officer of the tech committee, I help to think of work that has to be done and check on what the groups in the committee are working on. Usually I’m working on the arm when I’m not checking or helping others. Apart from robotics I enjoy playing the piano and singing for my free time.


vp tech

Hi, my name is Sue Ha and I am a co-VP Tech of team 812. I am a sophomore mechanic and this is my 2nd year on the team. I joined robotics because I wanted to explore the STEM field. Prior to robotics, I had no experience with engineering or the FRC community. After being introduced to this community, my passion for robotics quickly grew. As an officer of the tech committee I help come up with plans and tasks that need to be completed, this could be jobs such as putting together a mechanism or having a team brainstorm ideas. Robotics is my favorite part of school and it’s what I enjoy the most because I’m able to give back and help others. Outside of robotics, a hobby of mine is journaling. I really enjoy writing and collecting photos to include in my journal as a way to be able to look back on them.


Hello, my name is Angela Guzman and I am a junior in high school. I have officially been on team 812 for 3 years now, and am currently in charge of the outreach committee. I help create and organize community service events that our members can attend, specifically but not limited to targeting low-income, first-generation students. Although, I try to be a well rounded team member by helping with as many committees including, media, tech, finance, and Chairman’s. I’ve been part of FIRST since I was in 6th grade, participating in our high schools FLL program. I joined robotics because my sister was president, and I couldn’t get picked up sooner, as a middle schooler I started to learn more about the team and FIRST as a whole. I chose to stay in robotics because I enjoyed the challenges and teamwork involved, I have also witnessed the impact it has on people's lives. It’s not just an after school program, it is a team that evokes positive change and motivates students to pursue careers in the STEAM field, by instilling FIRST ideals.


vp Business

Hello. My name is Carissa Ly and I am a senior Mechanic. I joined this team during my sophomore year because I was curious about the Robotics team, which is one of the most popular organizations on campus. From then on, I began to commit my time to this team and explored the committees of tech and outreach. In the beginning, I enjoyed working with the tech committee because I like the concept of “hands on work” and following step by step guidelines. I felt like everything that I did in tech was useful in sharpening my hand eye coordination and focus. As I reached my junior year, I expanded my activities in tech and chairman’s. I continued my participation in tech by helping with the robot and ultimately taking on the role of Head Scouter during competitions. As for chairman’s, I helped their committee write the essay with knowledge from my own experiences in robotics. Beyond FIRST, I am also involved with Lacrosse and service clubs on campus and in our San Diego community.



Hi! My name is Quynh Vo and I am in 12th grade. I have been a committed Midnight Mechanic since my junior year. As secretary, I am in charge of keeping track of members’ attendance, making sure officers are meeting deadlines, taking notes during officers meetings, and emailing members about updates and events. After passing out snacks, I usually head towards the tech committee to build game pieces. Right now, I am working with other members to design and build the robot’s arm. I initially joined robotics because of my friends on the team. But after being in the Chairman’s committee and learning about the team’s history and accomplishments, I wanted to be a part of something that has impacted so many people. I have made new friends that are passionate about STEAM as I am and share the common goal of spreading it. Outside of robotics, I enjoy playing Volleyball and writing for my school newspaper.



My name’s Bao Tran. I’m team 812’s media officer this year, a sophomore in highschool, and it’s my second year being a midnight mechanic. As an officer, I’m in charge of making sure the many aspects of media are in order, whether that be making sure the newsletter’s done in time, or that the website is updated, it’s my job to ensure that everyone on the media team all has projects to work on. I initially joined robotics because of one of our mentors, Ms.Bandy, who convinced me to join my freshman year of highschool, with the promise that I’d be able to draw. In the beginning, I joined robotics to make art, and for a while it was among the interests I was uncertain of, but after having the experience of going to competition, I decided that it was something I wanted to commit myself to for the rest of highschool. Especially as one of our values is to spread STEAM to our communities, and empower young girls. By running for media officer, and playing a bigger role in robotics, I decided that I’d get to do so as well. Outside of robotics, my hobbies include drawing, painting, taking pictures, and making videos.



Hello! I am Victor Calderon, Finance of Team 812: The Midnight Mechanics. I’m currently a sophomore, and it is my second year as a Midnight Mechanic. Being in charge of the Finance committee, I make sure my team and I find and contact people and companies for possible sponsorships. Our contribution will aid the team in obtaining tools, materials, and/or funds for the FRC build season and other events. Originally I joined Robotics because I wanted to be in a club that incorporates STEM, while also being part of something fun. Other than being from being a member of Robotics, my hobbies include playing video games in my spare time.